Replacing teeth

Our Totnes dentists can help restore your confidence with replacements for missing teeth: from single implants to bridges, only you will know they’re there.


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If you don’t have many missing teeth, or if your missing teeth are all on one side of your mouth, your Pure Dental & Implant Clinic dentist may recommend a bridge. A bridge will literally bridge the gap left by missing teeth.

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If you are missing several teeth or a full arch of your teeth, dentures can be used to replace the function and appearance of your natural teeth. Our Pure Dental & Implant Clinic dentists create dentures that are comfortable and and natural looking.

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Dental implants

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If you would like a fixed solution for one or more missing teeth, our Pure Dental & Implant Clinic dentists can help restore both your smile and your quality of life with dental implants.

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Hear from our patients

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As a patient of Dr Simon Poyner, I recently had cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening). I had wanted treatment for many years as my teeth had yellowed to the degree of concealing them as best I could . After a four week treatment regime I can say that I am absolutely delighted with the result and have never smiled more, a tremendous boost to my confidence ! The treatment was clean , painless and carried out at home, but the care, attention and friendliness of the whole surgery staff makes the trip to the dentist a pleasure. Thank you to Simon.

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Following a lifetime of real fear of the dentist, although I attended regularly I had real concern each time I went. I went to see James Critchley as I had a tooth drop out, he diagnosed some extensive treatment which would involve several appointments, I agreed, wholeheartedly, as I realised this would be a vast improvement. On each visit James put me at ease and with his care I relaxed and was able to complete the course of treatment. I now have a perfect smile and do this often! I am so grateful, and no longer fear the dentist. Thank you so much James.

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